Individual CounsellingSessions

Who are you and where are you today?

What is fulfilling your live and furthermore what is missing. Do you want to add another dimension into your life?

I want to listen to your story! I want to be your guide and provide you with options, alternatives, exploring different pathways that are designed to embrace your uniqueness.

Getting in touch with yourself, focusing on what makes you happy and what makes your soul feel at peace. You are your biggest commitment!

Only through exploring and daring to look into yourself do you become more and more conscious, you become more and more crystallized, you become sharp!

Potential Areas that you find helpful.

How can you sharpen your voice and body in front of an audience, strengthening the key message that you want to send across?

Where can you further develop in your professional career?

You might find yourself in a position of letting go of your current professional career and feeling yourself in a “gap”. Not knowing what will come next and where and how you want to place yourself?

What and how can you further grow in your relationship and/or marriage to deepen your commitment?

You may not know at all about your wanting and just feel that there is something calling, maybe a vision that you have, however not knowing how to get there.

The first session will be utmost important to get to know each other to learn if we can establish a trusting relationship. To understand about your needs and wishes for the future.


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